Responsibility. Commitment. Forethought.

As a homeschooling parent you’ve already made the critical decision to give your children the very best upbringing you can provide. You’re determined to educate your children yourself, preparing them for a hostile world that opposes all you hold dear.

As a homeschooling father myself, I believe that this mission is not only our God-given right as parents but a critical effort to build a future in which your children and mine can live as responsible citizens and members of vibrant communities across this country.

A Serious Threat

When I first entered the life insurance field I quickly realized that those of us who have chosen to raise our own children find ourselves vulnerable–not only from government overreach–but from unexpected tragedy that could threaten everything we’ve worked so hard to build for our families.

The average American family has two incomes. Most homeschooling families have one. A tragic loss of the primary breadwinner is catastrophic and threatens the surviving spouse’s ability to continue the homeschooling mission. Bills need to be paid. Food costs money. A newly single parent faces the impossible task; continue homeschooling the children while somehow replacing that full time income in order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Hidden Pitfalls

This is where a second lesson that I learned in the life insurance industry becomes critical.

It’s easy to think that just getting a life insurance policy–any life insurance policy–will provide adequately for your family should the worst happen.

If it were only so simple!

I quickly learned that the industry is full of misleading marketing practices and untrained or unethical sales agents. Some products sold will do the job–albeit at an inflated price–but many also come with conditions that can invalidate the entire point of getting the policy. One of the most common traps I noticed people falling into was resting in a false sense of security because they “have life insurance through work”. By the time they realize the fickle nature of this flimsy coverage, it just might be too late.

Your Family Deserves Better

Most parents are just trying to do what’s best for their children, homeschooling parents moreso. We’re all too aware that the world is full of loud claims concealing half truths, caveats, and pitfalls. We just don’t have time to deal with it all, so we’re left having to settle for something that seems okay and then hope and pray that it actually works if we ever need it.

You deserve better. Your family deserves better. You shouldn’t have to guess with something as critical as protection for your family’s future.

That’s why I specialize in working with other homeschooling families, being a source on which they can rely to understand what coverages they actually need, what options they truly have, and how best to preserve their options for the future.

An Educator; Not A Salesman

I hate sales. I abhor misleading tactics and high-pressure “closing”. I’m here to listen to YOUR needs, objectives, and priorities. I’ll be straightforward and blunt with you, providing the perspective and industry knowledge you need to make the right choices for YOUR family so that you know exactly what you have and how it works. You won’t have to guess and hope that you got the right policy, and you’ll always know who to call when something in your life changes or you have questions.

It all starts with your consultation. Don’t worry, I know you’re busy–I am too. If you choose to ask me to facilitate an application for you, I’ll expedite the whole process as much as possible so you can get back to the kids!

Request a consultation now and I’ll reach out as soon as I’m able.