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The year was 2002, and amid a slew of blunders and decisions that reeked of downright sabotage, an amazing show following the adventures of a freedom-loving crew aboard their well-worn Firefly-class transport was allowed to escape into the world!

I’m not even exaggerating. After changing up timeslots, airing episodes out of order, and flat-out neglecting to air all of the first season, Fox cancelled Firefly. Keep in mind, this was in the days of legacy media, when there was no Netflix, Hulu, or Yahoo (don’t ask) to rescue a wrongfully cancelled show. Even so, the fanbase grew so quickly, that they greenlit a movie, and in 2005 Serenity brought us back to the lovable crew of the Firefly-class transport as they sought to find a job, get paid, keep movin’.

If someone sent you this page, it’s because they care about you and want you to enjoy the wonder that is 14 episodes of Firefly, followed by the feature film Serenity. It can be found here and there, on various streaming platforms around the ‘verse, but sometimes in order of airing, which is to say the WRONG order. So here’s your guide to watching this amazing work of art in the correct order:

  1. Serenity (The pilot episode, NOT the movie)
  2. The Train Job
  3. Bushwacked
  4. Shindig
  5. Safe
  6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  7. Jaynestown
  8. Out of Gas
  9. Ariel
  10. War Stories
  11. Trash
  12. The Message
  13. Heart of Gold
  14. Objects in Space
  15. Serenity (The Movie)

As of this writing, (at least in the US) the entire run of the show is available on Hulu (possibly in the right order!) although I didn’t see Serenity (the movie). I’m told it’s possible that the show might be on Disney+ in Canada. I’m sure I’ll add other info and resources here as I have opportunity. For now, go enjoy, and welcome to the ‘verse!